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Tablet Mag: Refugees Tell Their Stories

This moving article written by Amir Tibon and published by Tablet Magazine explores the stories of Syrian refugees as told by Syrian refugees.

Amir's conclusion to this piece hits a nerve in my system this afternoon.

He writes, "Hoping that the world will do something was the main reason people from Syria were so glad to talk with journalists like myself during the first two years of the war. Very few Syrians I met in 2012 refused to talk with me back then. But last month, in the freezing-cold camp in Serbia, dozens of people I approached said no: Men and women, young and old, Arabs and Kurds, well-dressed and wearing rags. I didn’t try to change their minds. What could I possibly tell them? That talking to me would make a difference? That public opinion could create a sense of urgency? That the world needs to know what they’re going through?

The world knows."

So, friends, readers, and followers: What do we do?

A New Review is Here!

Everyone is talking about Somehow I Am Different.

After reading SIAD, Simon Goldberg, current PhD candidate at Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, former Director of Education at Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre and former Executive Director Triangles of Truth, shared the following thoughts:

"You will become engrossed in these captivating stories. Alyssa Petersel's clean, elegant prose will take you on a journey to discover the beauty and resilience of Budapest's young Jews. On this journey, she is an observer, a listener, a friend, but equally she is a participant. Moving and full of charm, this book is a meditation on belonging and what it means to be human."

Thank you, Simon! SIAD coming to Amazon on May 3, 2016. Please contact Alyssa at if you would like to get your hands on a pre-release copy.

Hello Again, ACORN!

The universe has aligned. 

I am honored to announce Somehow I Am Different's partnership with Acorn Author Services & Publishing.

Acorn's editing services are responsible for molding the original Somehow I Am Different manuscript into the industry-ready piece it is today. Now, Acorn and SIAD reunite to bring Somehow I Am Different to the reading world through publishing. 

Cheers to Somehow I Am Different's team at Acorn: Holly Kammier, author (with a newly published book, Kingston Court, earning sparkling reviews!) and SIAD's brilliantly fierce developmental editor, Shelly Stinchcomb, and best-selling author Jessica Therrien.

Together, we look forward to gaining momentum for a Spring 2016 release. Stay tuned for more information about release date and for insight into book format, first reviews and cover design!

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