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Narratives of searching and belonging in Jewish Budapest

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Day Fifteen of SIAD Blog Tour - Jill Shah

Jill Shah, inspiring Northwestern alum, change maker and globe trotter, shares today with the SIAD blog tour about her own search for identity and the continuing nature of that process.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jill! Check out her post here.

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Day Thirteen of SIAD Blog Tour - Tracy Kopulsky

The beautiful Tracy Kopulsky, fellow Northwestern alum and leader of the ASB Budapest trip that led to the making of Somehow I Am Different, shares with the SIAD team today about her connection to Jewish identity. Check out her post here!

Day Eleven of SIAD Blog Tour - Lily Chang

Lily Chang is our personal superstar. Today she shares with the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour snippets of her journey toward self-acceptance while fully accepting just how hard it is to put that journey into words.

Thank you for sharing with us, Lily! Check out her post here and become part of the conversation.

Day Eight of SIAD Blog Tour - Alli Lesovoy

Alyssa met Alli just about three months ago in their book club where they read and discuss about Jewish mindfulness. Alli has an immense impact on the values and trajectories of every soul she touches. Today, Alli writes post eight on the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour about her own Jewish journey. Read with us and let us know what you think!

Day Seven of SIAD Blog Tour - Arjuna Jayawardena

I am excited to share Arjuna Jayawardena's post for Day Seven of the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour! Learn about themes of religious differences and similarities, tradition and continuity, finding self in spirituality, community coming together in times of joy, and the art of asking ourselves important questions for our future and for the future of our world. 

Thank you for sharing your light with us, Arjuna!

Day One of SIAD Blog Tour - Jordan Sala Tenna

Thank you, Jordan, for kicking off the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour with us! Jordan Sala Tenna is an up-and-coming fellow author with Acorn Author Services and Publishing. Be sure to check him out and cheer him on!

We have learned so much from your thoughtful questions, Jordan! We hope all of you readers out there enjoy Jordan's blog post as much as we do.

Read Jordan's interview-style blog post here and let us know what you think!

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