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Narratives of searching and belonging in Jewish Budapest

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Kirkus' Indie Books of the Month Selection for July!

We are thrilled to learn that Somehow I Am Different has been selected as Kirkus' Indie Books of the Month Selection for the month of July!

Keep an eye out for us in the July Kirkus Reviews magazine, Kirkus Reviews email newsletter, and Kirkus Reviews website.  

Thank you for the incredible honor, Kirkus Reviews

Award-Winning Cover Design!

Somehow I Am Different is the e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for March 2016 in Nonfiction at The Book Designer! Thank you, Dane at! The Book Designer describes our cover as, "A beautiful and sensitive cover that brings together disparate elements in a careful balance. It’s personal, historical, artful, and multi-layered all at the same time." Feeling grateful!

Day Three of SIAD Blog Tour - Josh Petersel, A.K.A. My Big Bro

I am incredibly proud today to share my older brother's blog post about my first book, Somehow I Am Different. Beyond this post, please check out his blog for entertaining, cunning, insightful pieces about the world in which we live today.

Thank you, Josh, for sharing a piece of your world with me and with the readers of this post. For the record, you are still #winning.

Our Two Very First Amazon Book Reviews!

Huge thank you to Stefanie Groner and Heather Marcel for our very first two Amazon book reviews. The time and energy put into your thoughtful feedback cannot be appreciated enough. Check out what they have to say on Amazon or on our Praise tab!

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