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Day Fifteen of SIAD Blog Tour - Jill Shah

Jill Shah, inspiring Northwestern alum, change maker and globe trotter, shares today with the SIAD blog tour about her own search for identity and the continuing nature of that process.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jill! Check out her post here.

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Day Fourteen of SIAD Blog Tour - Caitlin Fitzpatrick

The fabulous blogger, writer and advertising genius Caitlin Fitzpatrick interviewed author Alyssa Petersel for day fourteen of the SIAD blog tour! Check out their conversation about daily life, life and interviews in Budapest, and the art of journeying here.

Day Thirteen of SIAD Blog Tour - Tracy Kopulsky

The beautiful Tracy Kopulsky, fellow Northwestern alum and leader of the ASB Budapest trip that led to the making of Somehow I Am Different, shares with the SIAD team today about her connection to Jewish identity. Check out her post here!

Day Twelve of SIAD Blog Tour - Chris Trenschel and Tamara Murray

I met Chris and Tamara this year in a mastermind group started by our friend and fellow member, Josh. Each member is building a sort of portfolio career with an entrepreneurial spin. We know each others’ goals, share advice, and keep each other accountable through biweekly phone calls.

Today, I am proud to share Chris and Tamara’s blog post about taking the toad less traveled for day twelve of the Somehow I Am Different tour.

If you are thinking about taking a leap into the unknown, I hope that Chris and Tamara’s words of advice are helpful! Thank you for sharing with the team, Chris and Tamara!

Day Eleven of SIAD Blog Tour - Lily Chang

Lily Chang is our personal superstar. Today she shares with the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour snippets of her journey toward self-acceptance while fully accepting just how hard it is to put that journey into words.

Thank you for sharing with us, Lily! Check out her post here and become part of the conversation.

Day Seven of SIAD Blog Tour - Arjuna Jayawardena

I am excited to share Arjuna Jayawardena's post for Day Seven of the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour! Learn about themes of religious differences and similarities, tradition and continuity, finding self in spirituality, community coming together in times of joy, and the art of asking ourselves important questions for our future and for the future of our world. 

Thank you for sharing your light with us, Arjuna!

Day Three of SIAD Blog Tour - Josh Petersel, A.K.A. My Big Bro

I am incredibly proud today to share my older brother's blog post about my first book, Somehow I Am Different. Beyond this post, please check out his blog for entertaining, cunning, insightful pieces about the world in which we live today.

Thank you, Josh, for sharing a piece of your world with me and with the readers of this post. For the record, you are still #winning.

Day Two of SIAD Blog Tour - Faith Brigham Leener

Today is day two of the Somehow I Am Different Blog Tour. We are so proud and humbled to lend the stage to Faith Brigham Leener, Co-Founder of Base and Educator at Base BKLYN and a dear friend and role model of Alyssa's. She shares insight into her experience with Somehow I Am Different and her wider experience of seeking and discovering her own sense of self and belonging her blog post today.

Thank you, Faith, for sharing your light and your story with us and with the readers of this post. May we all find the clarity that you have found.

If you would like your own copy of Somehow I Am Different, visit Amazon or check out other seller platforms on our Books for Sale tab.

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