Somehow I Am Different

Narratives of searching and belonging in Jewish Budapest

The Team

If the only prayer you said your whole life was ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.
— M. Eckhart

I want to extend an expansive köszönöm szépen (“thank you very much” in Hungarian) to my entire team. Somehow I Am Different would not have been possible without the personal and financial support of countless individuals who formed an unconditionally giving, project-oriented community.

Alyssa Petersel - Writer, Editor 

Financial Spine

The following individuals, listed in alphabetical order, were financially invaluable to “kickstarting” the completion of Somehow I Am Different:

Nate Bartlett - Hinda Bodinger - Keri Disch - Audrey Haque - Kimberly Hopes - Rebecca Levin - Kenneth Petersel - Lois Petersel - Karen Sheehan - Kerry Stauber - Maximilian Sternberg - Shirley Tuckey

Beta Editors 

The following individuals, listed in alphabetical order and incredibly meaningful people in my life, generously contributed intellectual expertise to the first round of editing the twenty-one personal narratives included in Somehow I Am Different:

Natalie Bergner - Jackie Burns - Stevie Burrows - Ezra Erani  - Reka Forgach - Sarah Gokhale - Michael Greenblatt - Stefanie Groner - Audrey Haque - Shaker Islam - Andrea Jacobs - Arjuna Jayawardena - Lorraine Ma - Amalia McDonald - Samantha Offsay - Joshua Petersel - Lois Petersel - Nirit Roessler - Naomi Rosen - Daniel Schlessinger - Lauren Schwartzberg - Maximilian Sternberg - Caz VanDevere - Lisa Wang

Kickstarter Support 

Thank you to the following donors for your thoughtful support and generosity:

Amanda Baker - Alyssa Barba - Barkoczi David - Lareece Dunn - Kirby Barth - Mike Barton - Joshua Bay - Alexander Beer - Daniel Bergner - Natalie Bergner - Kristen Binda - Gail Brodkey - Stevie Burrows - Katy Cherish - Annabelle Clement - Elizabeth Cooper - Jocelyn Cooper - Joni Cooper - Sue Cotter - Crazy Ben Jee Productions - Caryn Curry - Kelli Day - Jack Doppelt - Emily Marie DuBois - Carlo Francisco - Britinia Galvin - Joshua Gippin - Sarah Gokhale - Simon Goldberg - Jonathan Gordon - Elizabeth Gore - Benjamin Gorvine - Michael Greenblatt - Marie Gunning - Helene Haber - Adam Haiken - Samantha Haltman - Miles Harvey - Matt Haywood - Lauren Kadow - Jonathan Kretzmann - Sherry Lewinter - Matt Marcus - Elisa Mattenson - Mississippi Mike - John Mjoseth - David Nagy - Bruce Petersel - Joshua Petersel - Project 2x1 - Annette Regan - Barbara Rekant - Julie Reynolds - Emma Rosen - Naomi Rosen - Jonathan Schild - Daniel Schlessinger - Philip Schlossberg - Daniel Sher - Michael Simon - Zachary Stauber - Julie Strand - Rachael Swetin - Kerry Vanden Bos - Lisa Wang - Colleen Webster - Jake Wilkoff

Irreplaceable Interviewees

A heartfelt thank you to my interviewees for the courage and generosity of sharing your perspectives and experiences with me and the readers of Somehow I Am Different. You are enriching the world with your light.

Everyday Heroes

I am deeply grateful to the friends and family who have nurtured me throughout this experience and all others. You know who you are. I would not be who I am or where I am without you. 

Acorn Author Services and Publishing

Köszönöm to Acorn Author Services and Publishing for Somehow I Am Different’s developmental edit and professional publishing guidance. Specifically thank you Holly Kammier,  Jessica Therrien and Shelly Stinchcomb for your encouragement and commitment to the success of this project.

Creative Geniuses 

Finally, thank you to Dane at Ebooklaunch and Zsili, a reknown artist in Budapest, Hungary, for your creative genius with Somehow I Am Different’s cover art.

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